Watchtower Public Safety Dashboard Makes Local Headlines
Jan 15, 2022

Watchtower Public Safety Dashboard Makes Local Headlines

Watchtower is heating up! We had the honor of being highlighted in the local orange county newspaper The OC Register.  In an article titled “Beachgoers can now get real-time data on stingrays, ocean hazards”, the author explains how a local marine safety team is using our public safety dashboard to bring real time safety information to the public.

What is the Watchtower public safety dashboard? The article highlights the purpose of the dashboard perfectly. 

“A website launched recently by Huntington Beach called “Safe Beach Day” will inform beachgoers about coastal hazards, the first of its kind to take real-time data and make it available to the public.”

The website will be available to anyone who has access to the website and exposure to the dashboard should be very high come Summer of 2022 as the beach will experience millions of visitors.  A unique QR code will be placed all along the beach in places like lifeguard towers and beach entrances so beach goers can quickly receive pertinent beach safety information.  Watchtower team member and local lifeguard Trevor Mcdonald highlights, “We’re just trying to get the public the most information we can so they can be as safe as possible”.  

The goal of the Watchtower team is to have 50 dashboards launched in the year of 22 targeting millions of beach visitors around the country.  The dashboard is the first of its kind and will continue to provide better beach safety information, boost community relations, and ultimately help people make better decisions for a great beach day.  

The OC register is home to roughly 100,000 readers on a weekly basis and the exposure for the marine safety groups as well as the Watchtower team is phenomenal.  Slowly but surely the public safety dashboard has grown and will continue to be a destination for those who want to have a wonderful beach experience.  We will not be surprised when we see the visitor count to the website in the hundreds of thousands.  We will continue to live out our mission by providing real time beach safety information and supporting marine safety personnel on a daily basis.  

Watchtower was also highlighted in two other areas. Both the city of Huntington Beach and local KTLA news highlighted the public safety dashboard.

You can access the link to the article here:

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