Flexible Forms Module for Safety Organizations

Dispatching Built For Speed and Accuracy

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Why Dispatching?

Built for speed and optimized for touch
Streamlines both response times and data collection
Connecting your team in realtime on any device
Modern Dispatching

Beautifully Designed By Dispatchers

Watchtower dispatching is designed from the ground up using the ‘Swift-Tap’ Big-Button method. Keep your mind on the job at hand, and let the software disappear into the background.
Closeup Desktop Touchscreen Incident Submission
Realtime Anywhere

Cloud Powered and Real-time on any Device

Don't get bogged down by hardware requirements. Our lightweight dispatching is available on any device in realtime. Phone, tablet or desktop, everyone will be in the loop.
Trend analysis and Relatime Statuses

Graph and Analyze Any Data Point Collected

Our dispatching is deeply integrated with out data engine. This means as you work, we are collecting top quality data that can be analyzed at anytime.
Case Study

Huntington Beach
Marine Safety

Huntington Beach Marine Safety deployed Watchtower to improve service delivery
Lifeguard Chief
Eric Dieterman
Battalion Chief
Huntington Beach Marine Safety
Marine Safety in a city like Huntington Beach, Surf City USA, is an extremely dynamic environment. We needed an incident and dispatch system that was powerful, easy to use, secure, and competitively priced. The Watchtower platform is all of those things for us.
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Huntington Beach Lifeguard in Truck Guarding the Water

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  • No special hardware. Works everywhere.
“As a Watchtower guide, I help agencies develop a clear implementation strategy, improve operational efficiency, and leverage world-class public safety tools.”
Will Taormina
Smiling Watchtower Analyst