Checklists, Incident Reports and Team Communications

Digital Command Center for Public Pools

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Compliance made easy

Ease your regulatory requirements

Facilitate compliance logging, and keep everything you need for inspections just a click away.
  • Track documents
  • Employee certifications
  • Incident & Rescue logs
  • Employee training
  • Log chemical levels
  • Upkeep and compliance
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Powerful Modules integrate seamlessly as Integrated Command Center

Powerful Modules
Integrated Solutions

“Pool facility management is multifaceted and very complex. Watchtower allows critical information on the conditions and activities at the facilities I oversee to come to me in real time. The ability to be proactive saves my staff and I time and energy, facilitates our compliance with local and state regulations, and keeps our facilities running smoothly allowing my guards to keep their focus on safety.”
Jay Vitale
CEO Aqua Serve Pools
Watchtower User since 2019

Swift-Tap makes Data Submission easy

Poolside Ready
Budget Approved

Watchtower is designed from the ground up using the ‘Swift-Tap’ Big-Button method. Keep your Eyes on the Water, and let the software disappear into the background.

No Reason, Not to Get Started

  • Unlimited Free Training
  • Legacy data upload
  • No special hardware. Works everywhere.
“As a Watchtower guide, I help agencies develop a clear implementation strategy, improve operational efficiency, and leverage world-class public safety tools.”
Will Taormina
Smiling Watchtower Analyst