Incident Reporting Module for Safety Organizations

Lightning Fast Incident Reporting For Public Safety

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Why Incident Reporting?

Audit evidence and eliminate back and forth
Accurate statistics, means more organization funding
Built for speed, never worry about distracted personnel
Customizable Categories

Swift-tap Customizable Data Collection

Watchtower is designed from the ground up using the ‘Swift-Tap’ Big-Button method. Keep your Eyes on the job, and let the software disappear into the background.
Realtime Alerts

Find Any Incident With Powerful Search Tools

Our search and filtering tools allow you to find historical records in seconds. Once you find the call you are looking for, generate a report or review the information collected.
Trend analysis and Relatime Statuses

Graph Trends and Simplify Gap Analysis

With a data first approach, Watchtower highlights the importance of analysis. Jumpstart your self evaluation process and community risk reduction efforts with powerful charts, graphs and dashboards.
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Analyze Incident Density With GIS & Geographic Data

In public safety, where things happen is just as important as what happens. Our out of the box GIS tools, allow you to analyze geographic trends and even compare incident density on custom layers like economic data, accessibility or demographic information.
Public Safety Dashboard

Effortless Public Safety Communication

Make safety data universally accessible and useful to the public, on any device, in real time. Any incident submission can be shared with the public in realtime providing an excellent community risk reduction campaign.
Public Safety Dashboard
Case Study

Huntington Beach
Marine Safety

Huntington Beach Marine Safety deployed Watchtower to improve service delivery
Lifeguard Chief
Eric Dieterman
Battalion Chief
Huntington Beach Marine Safety
Marine Safety in a city like Huntington Beach, Surf City USA, is an extremely dynamic environment. We needed an incident and dispatch system that was powerful, easy to use, secure, and competitively priced. The Watchtower platform is all of those things for us.
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Huntington Beach Lifeguard in Truck Guarding the Water

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