Jan 15, 2022

Kicking Off 2022 with Closed Funding!

Watchtower Solutions, Inc. Closes a Pre-Seed Round to Empower First Responders

The 2022 year has been nothing short of exhilarating for the Watchtower team.  Product development, team growth, and national sales growth are just a few particular highlights from this first quarter.  The Watchtower team is extremely excited to announce that pre-seed funding has been raised in the amount of $425K led by William Taormina & Core Capital Partners. These funds will help to propel team expansion, fuel go-to-market programs, and accelerate product development.  

We’d like to extend a warm acknowledgement of thanks to those who believe in our team and mission.  You are now directly assisting the brave and valiant teams across our nation. This humbling and honorable deed will directly affect the lives of many who are being helped and those who are doing the life saving. 

Up until this point we have been working tirelessly to fulfill our mission.  We started this company with a simple mission: Help Save Lives by Enabling First Responders To Protect and Prevent..  We’d like to focus briefly on the “why” and explain the reason we are working so hard on this project.  

In 2018 we discovered there was a problem in the marine safety world.  As several members of the team are current public servants, it was more clear from the beginning as to what this problem was.  Software has fallen behind in the world of marine safety and public safety at large.  Outdated systems and pen/paper have been a comfortable and well known resource to complete important operational functions.  These operational functions include daily data capture, data analysis, and resource management. Functions that have direct and immediate impact on everyone in our community. As a team of public servants, moder technologists and most importantly thinkers, our team is striving to bring innovative technologies and techniques to an industry far overdue.

The Watchtower team has taken great pride in serving our customers, first. The needs of these teams are our priority, and it is with great joy that we work very closely to create a “digital command center” for them.  We have wonderful personal relationships with teams across the country which helps to boost rapport and trust.  We work tirelessly around the clock to ensure the solutions we provide are fulfilling their daily operational needs.  In short, we are very confident that our customer service and relationship building plays a great role in the success of our mission. 

Why do teams choose Watchtower? 

Our big button, “swift tap” system is unique and versatile.  We have designed a system that is easy to learn, easy to use, and intuitive.  Pen and paper is a tedious and outdated process.  Our modules and features that we build are fast and efficient.  We simply work hand in hand with teams to provide useful solutions.  The platform is a beautiful designed piece that will continually be molded to fit the needs of our public servants.  

We are unique in that each and every feature we have on the platform is a direct result or request from agencies around the country. How incredible! Teams now have a direct hand in their success and will both create a more efficient operation with less time on tedious paperwork and more time protecting.  

We cannot describe enough how thrilled we are about this platform and the recent funding we have received. These resources will enable us to build the platform faster and better. In the upcoming months we hope to share multiple product feature releases we’ve planned for you, provide better support to serve you and onboard more talented people to help build the platform for you.

To our investors, friends, family, our team and customers - Thank you!

And to our early adopters and customers, we’re indeed grateful to all of you that have given us the support and feedback throughout these years.

We remain committed to creating seamless, intuitive and enjoyable experiences for you in the future. We’re happy to turn a new page in our journey together.

You can reach out to us at help@yourwatchtower.com for any discussion, if you have a question or just to say Hi!

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