CEO, Trevor Heath, Joins the Along the Keel Podcast

CEO, Trevor Heath, Joins the Along the Keel Podcast

Watchtower CEO and Founder joined the Along the Keel Podcast.  Zach, from ATK, and Trevor discuss the origin story, and future of Watchtower.

Excerpt from Along the Keel:


In this week’s episode of Along the Keel, I sit down with Trevor Heath one of the founders of Watchtower. The software was originally developed to help lifeguards better manage their areas of operation. However, it has since been curtailed into an all-in-one safety platform, acting as a digital command center for first responders.

Trevor and I go into the details behind the platform, some of the stories that they have earned, and of course how it all came together.

Give it a listen on any of the major podcast platforms or here:

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